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10 Best Characters In Like A Dragon: Ishin

The cast of characters in Like A Dragon: Ishin is incredible. We’ve ranked our top picks.

Like A Dragon: Ishin has an incredibly rich story and complex characters, earning it a glowing review as one of the series’ best games. This revenge story is packed with twists, suspense, and absurd moments that provide much-needed levity in otherwise dark times.

There’s a lot to like about the game even if you’re unfamiliar with the series and therefore have no context for the many references and references within references throughout the game. While many of Ishin’s character models are lifted directly from other Yakuza games, their personalities and motivations stand on their own as excellent starting points for getting to know this incredible cast of heroes, vigilantes, and villains.

William Bradley

What better character to include in a game set in feudal-era Japan than an American dressed up as Indiana Jones? And what about that name? Possibly the most American name ever conceived. Apart from his cartoonish appearance, William Bradley plays an important role in Like A Dragon: Ishin.

Bradley meets Ryoma Sakamoto, the game’s protagonist, fairly early in the story and gets him involved in some shady business. Aside from that, William demonstrates his honor by defending his new friend from harm and even offering firearms instruction. Whether or not you think he belongs in Ishin, there’s no denying that this gunslinging cowboy is the best character to offer advice on how to shoot a gun.

Yoshida Toyo

While Yoshida Toyo and his wise words do not survive the game’s first chapter. His appearance and conversations with Ryoma are touching and heartwarming. Yoshida, as magistrate of Tosa, is an incredibly powerful and influential man, as he demonstrates early on.

Toyo appears to have a plan that will change Japan forever after assisting Ryoma in escaping jail following his untimely arrest. This plan includes Ryoma, and things are looking up for these heroes. Until an unexpected assassination turns Ryoma’s world upside down.

Otose (Terada Ayano)

Otose, also known as Terada Ayano, is a kindhearted woman who genuinely cares about those around her. She, the owner of the Terada Inn, provides a place for Ryoma Sakamoto to stay on his journey while also caring for Oryo Narasaki, a young orphaned girl.

This former Geisha has an interesting backstory, as she founded her inn with her late husband, a samurai. Her maiden name is Otose, which she now uses after her husband’s death. In a world that values power and class over caring for the unfortunate. She is nothing short of a loving, angelic figure.

Nagakura Shinpachi

Despite being a high-ranking Shinsengumi member, this Captain shows unusual mercy when his brothers go too far with violence. Shinpachi, a master of the powerful Tennen Rishin combat style, is the ultimate test for any Shinsengumi hoping to join the group.

Despite his intimidating stature and gruff demeanor, Nagakura Shinpachi is not blinded by bloodlust or a desire for violence, preferring to seek the truth above all else. His physical appearance contrasts with his personality and adds depth to a man. Who many would dismiss as nothing more than a killer.

Narasaki Oryo

Oryo is a good-hearted young woman with strong convictions and a strong sense of justice. Her father was murdered by the Shinsengumi, and she despises anyone who associates with them. Including Ryoma, who joins up to find the Tennen Rishin user he’s been looking for.

Oryo’s past is revealed after she expresses her feelings to Ryoma in an emotional conversation. And her resilience to life’s harsh lessons is revealed. Despite being left with almost nothing, Oryo persevered under Otose’s guidance and is still forging her own path in an unforgiving world.

Okita Soji

With the same irreverent sense of humor and reckless bloodlust. Okita Soji is the spitting image of his Yakuza namesake, Goro Majima. He is the Captain of the Shinsengumi’s First Unit. Which places him on a par with Majima in the Tojo Clan.

Aside from his resemblance to his model, Okita Soji has a complicated past. That will make you question everything you thought you knew about the characters in Ishin. Okita Soji, scarred by death and haunted by his past life, travels a tortuous path that few can relate to. His plight is compelling enough to merit close attention as the story develops.

Yae Yamamoto

Yae Yamamoto, also known as Miss Tatsu, is a total badass. As her first action in Like A Dragon: Ishin, she enlists Ryoma’s assistance to wipe the floor with some deadbeats. She emerges from the shadows to defend a woman who is clearly being robbed of her money.

When Yae arrives, it’s clear that this debt collector turned vigilante despises men who take advantage of women. Her reputation appears to precede her, as would-be criminals recognized her from the moment she appeared. In a world where men wield enormous power. Yae helps tip the scales in favor of those who need it the most.

Niibori Matsusuke

While his identity is shrouded in mystery, the man known as Niibori Matsusuke plays an important role in Ishin and is heavily involved in the Ishin Shishi movement. He, like Ryoma Sakamoto, is invested in the demise of the Bakufu, also known as the Shogunate.

His ideals are also consistent with Yoshida Toyo’s vision for Japan, as Niibori wishes to abolish the class system and favors parliamentary democracy as a form of government. He would like to see all people, not just Japan’s elite, participate in government. Everything will become clear once you discover the truth about his mysterious identity.

Ryoma Sakamoto

Ryoma, as the protagonist, asserts his complexity and likability from the start in Happy Wheels game. He is a misfortune-plagued man who never sees the end of the road. Life, on the other hand, finds a way to allow him to pick himself up and continue on his journey.

There is no doubt that from the time he loses his father figure until he finally becomes a member of the Shinsengumi, Ryoma is unstoppable once he sets his mind to something. Ryoma devotes himself entirely to locating the owner of the lethal Tennen Rishin style he encountered on the night of his father’s murder.

Takechi Hanpeita

Takechi Hanpeita‘s incredible story arc really distinguishes his character as one. Who disagrees with Ryoma but isn’t evil in his actions. For much of the story, it’s possible to see the reason and well-meaning ideas in Takechi’s words, particularly in his early conversations with Ryoma.

He grew up as Ryoma’s brother, with Yoshida Toyo guiding and influencing the man he would later become. Takechi, like Ryoma, is obstinate and will not let anything stop him from achieving his goals. While his direct involvement in the story is secondary to Ryoma’s, Takechi’s fiery temper and unwavering determination propel him toward a goal that Ryoma cannot allow.

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