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6 Biggest Myths About Cakes You Need To Overcome 

These days, more and more individuals are learning the joys of baking any kind of cake they can think of, including cakes for birthdays, weddings, babies, and other special occasions. There is a tonne of material available to teach you how to make sweet masterpieces, but there is also a tonne of false information, so it’s critical to know the difference so that your cake baking experience and outcomes are as successful as your online cake order from a famous store. Here are six prevalent illusions about cakes debunked, whether it’s a home pastime, something you want to turn into a business, or you’re looking to purchase a decorated cake.

Red food colouring is required for red velvet cakes

Simply said, that is untrue. Contrary to popular belief, which holds that red food dye has traditionally been used to colour red velvet cakes, the red hue actually comes from the ingredients in the cake. The combination between the vinegar, buttermilk, and cocoa gives the famous cake its original scarlet tint. Use an actual recipe with the three essential components instead of adding red food colouring to produce red velvet cake.

Margarine makes a healthy alternative to butter

The idea that margarine is a healthier substitute for all that fattening butter is another misconception. The reality remains that both foods are closely matched in terms of calories. Also, there is no benefit to using margarine over butter when it comes to the flavour and texture of the cake. Use butter the same way your grandma and mother did. They didn’t give a damn about gaining weight, and eating a margarine-based cake won’t make you any fitter either. Thus, give in to taste and praise butter.

Cakes are not just for birthday parties

Although if they are essential components without which the concept of birthday parties is incomplete, cakes are not just for birthday parties. It is possible to attend parties both with and without cake, however this is not possible for birthday celebrations.

You are not alone if you have tried your hardest to prepare birthday cakes that are on par with the flavour and quality of online cake delivery in Bangalore or store-bought treats. Cakes are undoubtedly associated with birthdays, but you are not prohibited from eating them unless you host or attend a birthday celebration.

You will ruin the cake if you open the oven door before the cake is baked

We agree that at some point or another, all of our mothers have shared this with us. While curiosity may have killed the cat, it won’t likely damage your cake. When the cake has set after the first ten minutes, you can open the oven door as often as you like. A whiff of room temperature air would destroy the environment because it is already so heated inside. It will rise just as it would have done if the oven door had been closed the entire time. Once the cake has set, it is best to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get overly browned on one side. To ensure even heating, you can also rotate it from time to time.

Always put cakes in the fridge

Approaches used to decorate cakes, such as buttercream frosted cakes or naked cakes, can be stored in the refrigerator without risk of deterioration. But, a fondant-coated cake should never be kept in the refrigerator. If you do, you’ll have a gummy, soggy mess. And if it had intricate decorations, like sugar flowers, you can wave goodbye to such creations because the moisture from the refrigerator would also spoil them.

Gluten free cake is healthier choice

The benefits and drawbacks of specific eating practises, ingredients, and eating plans continue to be the subject of misunderstanding. Being gluten-free seems to have gained popularity recently as a method to lead a healthier lifestyle, but vegan cake proves that going gluten-free does not always equate to being healthier. White rice flour can be used in place of standard cake recipes that call for refined white flour, and it won’t significantly alter the recipe’s nutritional content or glycemic index.

Unprocessed whole-grain flours like brown rice flour, nut flours, or super-nutritious buckwheat flour may be a better choice if you want to prepare a gluten-free dish for health reasons.

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