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7 Best Swords In Shadow Warrior 2, Ranked

Shadow Warrior 2 players can’t go wrong if they use these swords.

Shadow Warrior 2 is a wild ride with strange weapons that can be used in different ways to kill demons. The sword weapon category is great for players who want to get up close and personal or who like the idea of using katanas. These quick melee weapons can be deadly in the right hands, and they don’t need ammunition most of the time, so players can cut and weave as much as they want.

In Shadow Warrior 2, there are many different types of great swords. Each one has its own bonuses and ways to fight. Read on to learn about the best swords and what they can do for players who like the fast-paced thrill of melee combat.

Bladez Of Zaibatsu

If just having one deadly katana isn’t enough, why not have two? With their sleek and modern look, these Chi-tech dual swords will fulfill any player’s dreams of being a cyberpunk ninja or of being able to use two swords at once. They also give the player some ranged damage options because each basic attack can cause a wave of damage.

However, this calls for plasma ammunition, which is better used elsewhere, especially later in the game when there are many other excellent plasma weapons to choose from. Still, these electric swords can be very useful early in the game or for people who want to play the game using only melee attacks. When the story mission “My Hero” is finished, they are given to you automatically.

Fist Of Gozu

Some readers may notice that the Fist of Gozu is a sword that looks a bit strange. It looks more like an axe, to be honest. Still, Shadow Warrior 2 insists that it is a sword, and in terms of how it works, it is the same. Its speed is what makes it different from the other weapons on this list.

The Fist of Gozu does a lot of damage (64.2), but it moves very slowly. This makes the player play more steadily and defensively, waiting for the enemies to come to them. It is a good strategy because it makes it easier to stay alive and does more damage while standing still. It’s also a lot of fun because Bloody kills are guaranteed, which makes enemies explode into a red mist. If this tanky, hard-hitting strategy sounds good, players should go to the Way of the Wang DLC and do all of the challenges.

Blade Of Exile

The Blade of Exile is a huge, old sword with an unknown past. It gives the person who uses it the chance to become invisible when a Special Attack hits an enemy. In games, the ability to become invisible is always useful because it gives the player a few seconds to regroup and attack from a different angle.

The Vanish effect also gives a 50% damage boost to melee attacks, which makes this weapon much better and makes it a great choice for bosses. Players will need to finish “All in the Family” to find it.


Blizzard is the best two-handed sword in the game. It has great crowd control and damage over a wide area. This weapon is a possible drop from Bad Santa Krampus during the Christmas event. Fans of Sub-Zero from Mortal Combat will love it.

The 100% chance to freeze can keep bigger enemies busy while players kill a few smaller ones. This is made much easier by the fact that the swords set off Ice Novas. These blasts do a lot of damage and can kill whole groups of enemies quickly.

Nobitsura Ka-ge

A golden iteration of the same sword from the original game, this intricate blade packs all the same punch. It makes the player move faster after each kill and can keep them moving quickly around the map while also giving them a good amount of Damage Resistance. This lets the player fight enemies on their own terms and back away easily if things get too dangerous.

This makes it the best weapon for players who want the action to move quickly and who want to do the most damage in the least amount of time. To get it, you have to finish the “Wang in a Box” quest.


When the player finishes the game, Ryuken is given to them as a reward for their hard work. It heals the player a little bit as they deal damage, and when they score a Critical hit, it casts Chi Blast. This pushes enemies away, which keeps the player safe and makes it easier to deal damage.

The best thing about Ryuken, though, is that it has a chance to give the player full Fury. This lets the player use it a lot more often, which greatly increases their damage and ability to stay alive.

Arm Of Orochi

When trying to kill an Ancient, immortal Demon Goddess, you need the best of the best. In Shadow Warrior 2, this is the Arm of Orochi. Before the final boss fight, the player gets this amazing sword, which is one of the best weapons in 8 Ball Pool game.

Even though the speed boost and attacks that can’t be blocked are nice, the Force Slash ability is where it really shines. Every time the Arm of Orochi is used to attack, it sends out a wave of damage that can hit more than one enemy. This doesn’t cost any plasma ammunition, so it just adds a flat amount of damage to the weapon. It also makes it better against groups and when the player needs to do damage from a distance. This makes it one of the most powerful swords in video games.

Shadow Warrior 2 can be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One right now.

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