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A Guide to Troubleshooting Invisalign Issues

A majority of the orthodontic patients have seamless Invisalign treatment journey. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t experience any problem as you can. However, those issues can be dealt smartly as well. Most of these issues can be handled rapidly over phone call.

Occasionally, patients need to visit the dentist. The renowned dental clinic never charges hefty for emergency appointment. Here in this blog, we will make you learn some trickiest ways to troubleshoot Invisalign problems. So, let’s have a look on them.  

If Invisalign aligner gets lost

Have you lost your recent set of aligners? Stop panicking and continue with the very last one you left. Then, try to get an appointment with the orthodontist on an immediate basis for obtaining a new one.

Depending on the number of days you have wore the lost one either a replica will be provided or you will promoted to the next set. During flossing, brushing, eating and drinking store the aligner into the specific case.   

Invisalign rubs the cheeks and gums

Most of the time new aligner will irritate the inside cheeks and tongue. The only way to get relief from it to get adapted to the device as fast as you can. Till then, ulcer gel like Bonjela can offer much-needed relief.

In case there is any sharp edge causing irritation and discomfort, use a nail file for smoothing it out carefully. It will be much better if you visit the dentist to get it done for you perfectly.

Invisalign causes tooth pain

For the first few initial days with Invisalign, you might encounter mild tooth pain. Hence, you are advised to eat on soft foods for the next few days. In the meantime, take OTC (over-the-counter) pain killer such as paracetamol if the pain worsens.

You develop a lisp

Slight lisp is experienced by many people with Invisalign for the very first time. Actually tongue needs a couple of days to be familiar. Then it incorporates you to continue your daily activities seamlessly while having on this foreign device into the mouth. Always speak more then only you will be able to be normal rapidly.

You suffer from bad breath

Brushing should be done more accurately and frequently if there is bad breath or halitosis. Try to strictly adhere to the advice of orthodontist for keeping the teeth clean under the aligner.

If brushing seems to be hectic right after every meal then chewing sugar-free gum and swishing water into the mouth can work for you too. Then, put the aligner back into the mouth. If possible, always carry a small dental cleaning kit in your bag.

Your mouth secretes excess saliva

Whenever a foreign object is placed into the mouth, secretion of saliva gets increased as a common side effect. But once you get familiar with the device by keeping them into your mouth for long, this problem will subside on its own.

Aligner can’t be removed

You will be shown the exact process to remove and put on the aligner. But initially, the task seems to be a bit challenging for yours to manoeuvre. Once you are habituated to it, then you can remove and pop it within a minute. Also you are suggested putting on the new aligner before going to bed so that you can find it easy to pop out next morning.  

Attachments have fallen off

Don’t panic if you even swallow an attachment accidentally or it falls off. Just visit your Invisalign provider on an earliest to replace it by scheduling an appointment. However, don’t stop wearing the aligner in-between days.

If you forget to put on aligners

Aligners must be worn for long 20 hours a day. Or else, it will linger the treatment period waiting you too long to obtain the desired outcome. Even in the meantime, the teeth can relapse. You need to address the issue as early as possible. For that you might have to undergo scans to restart the teeth straightening procedure with new aligner tray.

You are dissatisfied with the outcome

Suppose you are at the end of the treatment and you are not happy with the outcome yet then there is nothing to worry about. To obtain desirable result, a few more aligners might be needed by you. It is also called refinement stage that comprises of the treatment expense.  

In case of any help or to know the average cost of invisalign braces in UK, feel free to reach us on 020 37457520 anytime. Our dentist will offer the highest standard of treatment at competitive prices.

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