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Animal Transportation: Ultimate Tips For Moving With Pets Into A New Home

Relocation from one place to another is undoubtedly a challenging task. Getting all the essential items along is a challenging thing. Above that, the hustle is inevitable if you are a pet parent. Imagine how hectic and stressful it will be for them if it is cringe for you.

While planning to move, bringing comfort to your furry or feathered friend can be easier if you hire professionals. Agarwal Packers and Movers bring in more than 38 years of experience in shifting. We have 56 branches across 40 cities in India, ensuring safe and reliable transportation. In addition, we offer safe animal transport.

Once you hire us, we will undertake all your struggle. We make sure that you move into your new house with new excitement, joy, and comfort, and not stress. Your belongings reach you safely, and your pets relocate with utmost comfort. However, before the process begins, there are a few important points to consider regarding a smooth shift. Here are some tips that will be beneficial considering animal transport.

Give Indication to Your Pet:

Pets observe our activities and react accordingly. They must have become familiar with the place you live, and moving to a new location is equally hectic for them. It would be best if you gave an indication that you are wrapping up from that place. Keep them around when you are packing your items.

Seeing boxes and wrappers will make them comfortable with packaging. Also, they will not panic on the day of moving.

Do Not Disturb Their Routine:

You must know that pets live with habits and routines. They often have a fixed time when they eat, play, or go for a walk. You may forget to follow that routine while packing up all items. It will negatively affect the mind of your four-legged family members. Disturbed routines will lead them to anxiety and stress.

Make sure you feed them at the usual time. Take them for a walk at the regular time. Additionally, give them extra love and care to prepare them for the shift.

Take Them For a Ride:

It is another helpful way to prepare your pet for relocation. If you take them for rides, they become comfortable with it. On the other hand, all of a sudden, they might not cope with the process. Also, you might not know if your pet is fine with travelling.

Do not Avoid Them:

This is the worst thing you can do with your furry friends. Pets are so connected with their owners that they even fall sick if the owner ignores them. Try taking time to play with them when planning your relocation. However, it is obvious that with all the hustle to pack your belongings, you might not have enough time to spend with them. In that case, you can ask an acquaintance to play with them. A friend with whom your pet is familiar could be a good choice.

Talk to a Veterinarian:

A veterinarian will know more about the behaviour of your pet. It is better to consult them before you move out. It will help you understand the possible reactions. Get them through a routine checkup and make sure they have got all the vaccinations. Also, ask the doctor if your pet is healthy enough to travel.

Know the Law:

Most people often forget to consider this point. Different states or cities have different laws for pets and their transportation. Contact the concerned department and understand the rules. If you are moving to an apartment or community housing, inquire about their pet laws.

Keep Them Safe:

During the entire process of packing and moving, you might become a little careless about the doors of your house. Considering this, you should keep your pet in a safe place. Either keep them leashed or make them stay in the kennel (or their house). Avoid leaving them unattended, as they might run out due to fear and confusion.

Make the New House Pet-Friendly:

It is important to ensure that your new house is aligned with the environment your pet needs. Make sure nothing is harmful to their health. In addition to this, try to make a corner in the house that looks similar to the previous place. It will help your pet to adapt to the new environment.

Dogs are habitual of chewing anything around when they are hungry. If you are a dog owner, ensure there is nothing poisonous or harmful chewable in the new house.

Take Their Belongings Too:

While packing all the necessary items in the house, do not forget to pick up your pet’s belongings. The toys, leash, kennel (if it is portable), and food pot are important items for them. It will make them live in the same familiar environment that they have been living.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure safe animal transport and other items in your house.

Why Choose Us:

Agarwal Packers and Movers is a reliable name in the country. We have been proudly serving our customers for decades. We understand your requirements and deliver our services accordingly. We have served 1600+ locations with GPS Enabled Lockable Trucks across the nation.

We have a team of experts and experienced professionals who know the nuances of relocation very well. In addition, they are skilled in animal transport too. Once you hire us, you can rest assured that your relocation will be hassle-free. Our customised service approach frees you from the stress of moving things from one place to another.


While relocating to a new house, taking your belongings with you can be hectic. However, with Agarwal Packers and Movers, the entire process is made easy. Along with your small and big items, we ensure that your pet enjoys a safe and comfortable shift. We believe your new house should embrace you with happiness, not a stressful journey.

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