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Beacon’s Closet: An Insight into its Foundation

What is Beacon’s Closet?

Beacon’s Closet operates curated thrift stores in New York neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Manhattan. The company also operates an online circular shop platform where they offer previously owned clothing and accessories from well-known brands like Juicy Couture and Dior. Customers of the Closet are open to sell their own gently used, preloved goods to the store in exchange for a cash payout or a 50% store credit, in addition to browsing the company’s “Masculine” and “Feminine” categories online. This Closet makes it feasible for sellers to mail or bring their gently used products into businesses in order to make sustainable contributions as seamlessly as possible. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability in its own operations, reselling used clothing and using packaging that is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and free of plastic.

Foundation of Beacon’s Closet

Its foundation has its roots in a touching and motivational tale that began in Williamsburg, New York, in 1996. Carrie Peterson was the founder of Beacon’s Closet, and its early stock was primarily made up of items from Peterson’s own closet and those of her friends. Peterson eventually developed her company to become the well-known chain of carefully selected charity stores it is today thanks to a concept centered on sustainability. It is still a pioneer in the field of circular clothing.


Carrie Peterson, the owner, and originator of the Beacon’s closet relocated from Tucson to Williamsburg in 1996. Peterson followed her brother and his friends as they left their apartment on Metropolitan Avenue. Carrie moved in with him until she could find a place of her own. She eventually did so in a storage room at the rear of the old beacon’s restaurant at 110 Bedford.

Carrie eventually maxed out her credit cards and rented the first store space on Bedford + n. 11th, which had been vacant for some time before the store moved in, following a brief period of temping and working uninteresting office jobs in the city. At the time, there were a few nearby establishments and gathering places, including Teddy’s, Sweetwater, Mugs, The Charleston, The Right Bank, Rubulad, and the up-and-coming Mighty Robot (now a secret project robot). Max & Roebling, earwax, ugly baggage, Sid’s Junk Shop, Main Drag Music, and of course, Domsey’s were all options for shopping.

How Beacon’s Closet Get Started?

Beacon’s initial collection came from her own closet, friends’ closets, and thrift shops. While starting the business, Carrie initially resided in the back of the store. The wood for the counters, the building of the dressing rooms, and the assistance with lighting were all made possible by great friends from what would later become a mighty robot and secret project robot.

Soon after, Carrie’s friend Sam Fogarino relocated to Brooklyn and started working at the store as its second employee before briefly joining it as a partner. From his carefully chosen record collection, he established a small record store in the neighborhood where Carrie had resided. For around 10 years, beacon still broadcast music in Williamsburg. Sam’s most valued contribution to the business, however, was introducing Carrie to his then-wife, former L café manager and front lady for the band Pee Shy at the time, Cindy Wheeler. Cindy joined the team in 2001 as a partner after assuming control as the shop manager in 1999. The store, the goods, and those dreaded rents all increased tremendously with the growth of Williamsburg.

The original beast held down the fort nearby, at 74 Guernsey in Greenpoint, and other sites in Park Slope, Manhattan, and Bushwick until eventually branching off into 4 distinct locations.

Dress Code for Staff

The Closet’s staff places a strong emphasis on personal style. What is the dress code for employees? is a common question asked while interviewing prospective employees. Leah Giampietro, a manager at the Closet store in Greenpoint, explains that she instructs them to simply make sure they are dressed. Fortunately, the ambition to work at a place like the iconic thrift shop in New York City coincides with an interest in fashion, or more specifically, personal style. However, no two employees have the same wardrobe. The only thing that unites them is their desire for self-expression, not the origin of the fashion. Almost all of the clothing is from Beacon’s Closet.

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking for preloved clothes from well-known brands or want to sell your used clothes, Beacon’s Closet provides you with a platform. It helps sellers bring their used products into businesses to make sustainable contributions as seamlessly as possible. This Closet is a pioneer in the field of circular clothing. You can visit the four branches, or additionally, it offers online shipment to every country in eco-friendly packaging. It is a retail shop where comfort is crucial.

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