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In Warzone, bunkers are another crucial component of the gameplay experience, enabling players to amass heaps of loot and discover compelling secrets in the game. Here’s all the info you require regarding Warzone bunker codes. This includes the definition of them and how to utilize them, the types that are changing over time, and their benefits.The the best place to find amazing wealth and equipment that will assist you in destroying your adversaries in the game is to go to bunkers located in Warzone. These bunkers can be found all over the map (like close to the military installation), and accessing them calls for specific gear and methods. The locations and codes for every Warzone bunker are present in this article.

Let’s look at each of the Warzone Bunker codes in turn, along with thorough instructions on how to access them, the locations of each Warzone Bunker, and every possible passcode and entrance method.

Password bunkers of Warzone

These bunkers are present in the CoD Warzone bunker code lists that anyone can find a  line. They all require the same password to open, which is readily available online. The location of Verdansk’s original bunkers (the “old Warzone bunkers”) and the passwords necessary to access them are listed below:

1. The Prison code

West of the Zordaya Prison Complex, this “bunker” is just a shabby tiny freestanding building that serves no purpose. The code for the Warzone jail bunker is 72948531. Access the delights therein by entering this through the keypad!

2. Farmland bunker code

One of the most expensive bunkers on the map is the farm bunker in Warzone. Look for the largest structure on the farm, a massive multi-story barn; the keypad you need lies under the stairs. The bunker code for Warzone Farmland is 49285163. Expect that others will try to access this bunker with their curiosity in bunker codes because it has excellent loot.

bunker codes

3. Warzone TV Station code

This tiny structure is located to the east of the big TV station itself and is another “bunker” that is more like a shabby little hut. It should be obvious from the keypad that this is the bunker you’re looking for. The Warzone TV Station bunker’s code is 27495810.

bunker codes

4. Code for Parking bunker

In between Tavorsk Park and Styor Spomenik, locate the hill. The goodies are locked behind a sealed door that is guarded by the now-familiar-looking keypad, although the bunker itself may be found and entered without a code. The bunker code for Warzone Park is 60274513.

bunker codes

5. Code for Junkyard bunkers

Although they are located near each other However, they require two bunker codes that you need to enter. The Warzone code for the North Junkyard Bunker is 87624851. You find it by going into the three connected bunkers that are attached to the side of one particular structure. The reinforced door with the keypad is immediately visible as you enter from the right side. Warzone’s South Junkyard Bunker has the code 97264138. It is the lone bunker on the junkyard’s south side. To access the keypad, descend the stairs. Type in the bunker passcode

bunker codes

Red Access Card Warzone Bunkers

These bunkers were first made available in Season 5, and accessing them requires a unique Red Access Card, a rare loot item that is found randomly during the games. Either orange chests or a fortunate opponent’s corpse contain them. (Due to Bunker 11 mischief, we advise camping close to the military installation.) There are no bunker codes in these bunkers.

bunker codes

You can locate the Red Access Card Bunkers here:

  • Bunker Zero: The cliff face located at the southern end of the map. It is located beneath Zozsni Spomenik.
  • Bunker 1: Go to Promenade West, locate the kart track, then head north.
  • Bunker 2: Continue traveling north from Bunker 1.
  • Bunker 3: Enter via the trap door in Bunker 2.
  • Bunker 4:  You can find Bunker 4 atop a cliff at the northwest corner of the map, outside the dam.
  • Bunker 5, a prominent sight on the western side of the site of the crash.
  • Bunker 6: Start in Quarry (located on the east side of the map) Then head to the southeast.
  • Bunker 7: Travel towards Karst Bridge and then southwest; you should find an exit door containing traps if possible.
  • Bunker 8: Right close to Bunker 7.
  • Bunker 9: There’s an extremely visible bunker that was that is built into the cliff close to the prison in the southwest side of the plan.
  • Bunker 10: South of Downtown and Park, at the edge of the map.
  • Bunker 11 is a rare bunker with a one-of-a-kind blueprint and an easter egg that lies northwest of the military base. It is also clandestine and abandoned. Remember that to obtain entrance, you must first “activate” the bunker with the phones by activating them in the proper order.

Wrapping Up

That pretty much sums up all of the Warzone bunker sites and codes. Remember that discovering them all will need considerable intelligence, collaboration, and most importantly, a good deal of time devoted to the endeavor. To enhance the quality of your gaming experience, it’s a good idea to uncover every bunker code that Warzone has to offer. However, the goods inside the Warzone bunkers are well worth your time.

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