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Factors Leading To Depression During Defence Exam Preparations

How astonishing it would be when you will see your name on the list of shortlisted candidates in the defence exam results. Well, do you often see that dream during the defence exam preparations? You must have done this to inspire you to study hard for the exams. But do you also get depressed during the exam preparations? Well, this is also not only the case with you as almost every candidate, no matter how expert he is, must have felt depressed during the exam preparations. 

Well, depression is the most common factor known for its negative impact on exam preparations. It is hard to describe the impact of depression on someone’s life and mind. You just find yourself in a cage of thoughts and feel a burden on your heart. In such a scenario, you find it desperately hard to keep your focus on exam preparations. Therefore, many candidates opt to quit the exam preparations. Because they believe that by doing so, they can get rid of depression. 

To be honest, depression must not be dealt with that way. Quitting your exam preparations is not a solution to get rid of depression. One must opt for the right way to get himself out of the trap of depression. Through this article, we will highlight the tactics to deal with the depression that the defence exam preparations are causing you. Along with those tactics, you will also come to know some effective tips that can help you sidestep depression in the future as well. 

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Let’s learn the factors that are responsible for leading the aspirants to depression during the defence exam preparations:

Competing with others

To ace the exam, never compete with others. Because by competing with others, there are chances that you will fall into the trap of depression. Also, one must always learn things with the intent to grow instead of competing with others. The more you compete with others, the more you will feel depressed. Understand that you are unique and have your own responsibilities and you must focus on becoming a better version of yourself. 

Compete with yourself to give yourself a sense of urgency to grow in the right direction. Competing with others will just depress you. Even you have to prepare for the defence exams by keeping all the thoughts of competition aside. Surely, this will help you prepare for the exam with a relaxed mind. But make sure to study enthusiastically with the intention to grow. 


No doubt, the exam preparations are full of confusion due to the vast availability of study material, suggestions, websites, and coaching institutes. To be genuine, achieving success in exams is not as tough as it seems. Just studying the topics mentioned in the exam syllabus rigorously, solving the last year’s papers and mock tests, and regular revision can get you success in the exams. Listen to the advice of experienced candidates through youtube videos before you embrace any study material. 


Do you spend a few minutes curing others while studying for exams? If yes, then know that you are wasting your energy. Remember that anger also consumes energy. Moreover, the anger that you feel after cursing others is also going to consume your energy, making you feel tired and depressed. 

One must divert his focus from cursing to humbleness while preparing to achieve something bigger in his life. Moreover, learn the ability to forgive others even if they don’t feel sorry about that. To trust them or not is your decision but you will surely find yourself at peace after forgiving someone. You forgive others for your own peace of mind. Come in the contact with the most remarkable platform that offers the best CDS coaching institute in Gurgaon to study for the CDS exam with the utmost efficiency. 


Besides the pointers explained above, make sure to solve the last year’s papers and mock tests to assure yourself about your defence exam preparations. Solve these tests with the intent to get familiar with the structure, sort of core content, and the toughness of the exams. 

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