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How To Fix Phone Focus Camera Not Working And Buzzing Sound

While trying to take stunning pictures, how to fix phone focus camera not working and buzzing sound. It is natural to feel disappointed after such an event. The camera problem is rare, but you can fix it. If the phone camera isn’t working, we can fix it.

Whether your smartphone camera is making noise, taking blurry pictures, having trouble focusing, or not working, we’ll guide you.

How To Solve A Camera Buzzing Sound Problem

You may experience camera focus problems or buzzing noises on your phone’s camera, even though these are not common problems. Making noise and letting you take your picture peacefully wouldn’t have been annoying.

A blurry picture is taken when the camera does not focus. However, it shouldn’t be a problem. Check out these solutions to fix non-working phone cameras.

1. Install The Latest Updates Camera

Many iPhone 6xx users complained about the rear camera not focusing and making noise. To start, ensure you’re running the latest software on your phone to fix phone cameras not working. If you need clarification, check your phone’s System Updates section.

2. Tap The Camera Module

Relocating the lens by tapping the camera module fixed the issue. The camera issue may not be fixed, but it’s worth a shot. To get started, follow these steps:

  • First, keep your phone in your palm, leaving the Camera app open
  • Touch the camera module with your finger
  • Tap it gently but hard enough to fix the issue

Bring A Magnet Close To The Camera

If the camera buzzing sound and the phone not focusing is still an issue, you may need to try an alternative fix. Besides updating the system, a magnet can also snap the camera back into place. Some people found that solved the problem, and it might work for you.

  • Whenever possible, pick up a small magnet
  • The magnet should be held against the rear camera module for a second

That’s how you fix a phone camera that doesn’t work or makes a buzzing sound. In addition, auto-Focus should now work again on your phone camera. Nevertheless, some users might need to see the benefits of these three fixes. This indicates faulty camera hardware. As a last resort, you should replace the camera module.

How To Replace The Camera Module

After all, replacing the camera module would help because the focus isn’t working, and the buzzing sound is a hardware issue. Sometimes it’s just a factory defect; sometimes, it’s caused by dropping the phone. Whatever the cause, you should have the camera module replaced by a technician.

Depending on your brand, you can get your phone fixed for free if it’s still under warranty. Otherwise, we recommend getting it repaired at the official repair center. A technician would fix the camera problem by replacing the camera module.

We recommend not replacing the camera module yourself, as it could further damage the product and void the warranty.

What To Do If The camera Is Not Focusing

Phone cameras that don’t focus are usually hardware issues. This could be due to a dirty lens, a faulty camera, or the buzzing sound described earlier. Restarting or updating the operating system can sometimes fix a software issue.

There’s a good chance your phone camera’s lens could be cleaner if it just has trouble focusing. Blurred pictures/videos or a lack of focus will help you notice that.

The camera lens might only need to be cleaned, then start over:

  • Close the Camera application
  • Clean and soften the cloth
  • Lenses should be cleaned with a cloth
  • Check the focus with the Camera app now

It should now focus accurately on your phone. When the phone has temporary glitches, that usually helps. However, if that does not work, a factory reset may be necessary to rule out software issues.

How To Stop The Phone Camera From Shaking

Using the camera on some phones makes a buzzing sound. But that’s the same as when the camera shakes. That would make all your shots blurry.

These tips can help you stop your phone camera from shaking:

  • Your finger taps several times on the camera module,
  • Magnetizing the camera module,
  • Make sure your software is up-to-date,
  • Your phone needs to be restarted, and
  • Resetting the factory settings

Fix Phone Focus Camera Not Working Conclusion

With mobile phones, taking pictures is easier without bulky gear. But, of course, if your phone camera doesn’t work or acts strange, that sounds liberating.

If your phone camera is not working and buzzing, the above solutions can help you. However, visiting the service center is the last resort if nothing works. Most camera focusing issues are hardware-related, usually factory defects. Fortunately, technicians can fix them.

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