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How to make Chain bags?

Most of us may have seen designer bags used and shown by celebrities and other famous personalities. These bags are not only bags but also Chain bags, which are supplied at a significant price and prepared by the best artisans. These high-quality products promise prestige and resistance and secondary yield in the secondary market. All this is due to the experience that artisans cause the creation of each bag.Zeenat Styles Provide Chain Bags.

So how do Chain bags make? Expert masters and designers first draw bag design and make brainstorming about the best materials and equipment that you can choose. Then they will form a prototype and continue to produce a bag, starting with cutting the skin or maximum accuracy from another material. Then they will combine the body, belt, and details.

Step -Shag process of Chain bags

Leaving aside the recognition of the brand and exclusivity, the work of the best masters to create a high bag contributes to the exorbitant price of these parts. The creation of Chain bags usually begins with the design of designers and masters.

They will form a prototype and continue to make the product itself. In the production of the product, the masters begin to cut the material and belt for the case, sew and add parts.

Develop a bag

Before creating a piece of brands of Chain bags, they first obey the design process, in which designers and experts work in the design of bags and consciously. During this process, they plan a common aspect of the bag, from materials to parts and equipment. They will also discuss the use and size of the bag to find out whether to love or not, to love and not appreciate the convenience of using customers.

Designers first conceptualize Chain bags with a design drawing drawn in the software programs that they use. Then they will print simulated versions completed with a sensitive size before producing a sample. Since they have already written a design with precautions, now they can have the amount of work and the cost for the part.

Then, designers, colors and avant-garde studied, having studied the trends, having studied the design of the bag. The fact that most brands of Chain bags adapt to these trends to capture the interests of consumers while maintaining the exclusivity and distinctive print of their brands.

Choose the skin

Trends are not the only factor that they should take into account, but also the ideal type of animal skin. Each animal’s skin has different features that may not correspond to the style of the bag. Given the use of the bag, the skin or skin is a necessary factor. Each of the types of the skin refers only to certain bags.

Leather trading experts in the craft bags industry evaluate the best models created by the designer team. Then they will decide what creation will be enough for the types of skin used for the collection.

The skin of the crocodile

Chain bags made of crocodile leather are usually tuned or severe. The skin of a crocodile is mainly used for collections of bags from the company and thick material. It is also very durable and can be transmitted as a shoe material.


The skin of the snake is characterized by soft and flexible skin, such as ostrich skin. It is also easily drawn and dries. The merchants will find structures to maximize the softness of the material, without creating a bag prone to scratches.

Choose hardware

The type of metal for equipment will also become an important factor in the design of the bag. They form buckles, zippers, legs, and other metals in a bag. There are many types of hardware, but they are often used in gold and routine.


Chain bags use many golden options: bright -gold, pale -gold, matte gold, pink gold, and ancient gold, among others. He offers various performances and vibrations in a luxury bag or ton of luxury.


This metal is a type of platinum used in order to give Chain bags a cooler tone than gold equipment. It offers a white and silver appearance, ideal for bright-colored bags.

create a prototype

The creation of a prototype is one of the most important steps for the production of a luxury bag. This process is carried out by experts in the creation of leather materials or manufacturers with highly educated molds. They begin by transferring sketches of equipment for paper design. Here they create complete prototypes: the bag that they developed begins to take shape.

Cut the material

As soon as the handbag receives the contact signal for the production process, he prepares a magician’s material. The methods required to cut the skin are complex, but it is extremely important to achieve the desired results.

A leather cutter cuts the chosen skin or material for a Chain handbag with the greatest skill and accuracy to prepare for stress. This process is not as simple as the pruning of any other fabric.

Leather cutters should also be very experienced in creating binding objects. They should develop strategies about the best ways to cut the skin and maximize all their resources. This is valid by avoiding spending too much skin from mistakes.

Leather cutters should also know the qualifications of the material they are working on: if there are necessary defects to be treated. They manually cut the skin, which is more difficult for the rare bag species. Only one error means too much loss, so they should do something for the first time. Then they cut the skin according to the design of the prototype. From there, leather cutters should correspond to the motive of the skin of the animals and the design of the prototype.

Manual cut

Manual cutting is a traditional way to prepare the skin. This method gives a test for more perfect decoration and errors because the material is controlled by multi-educated experts who pay attention to regularity, symmetry, and other subtleties in the production of luxury bags.

Laser cutting

What you need to combine several parts of the skin or any material can use a laser for cutting. This method will give a few 3d layer bags. With a laser, cutting provides more accuracy and gives the master the full size of the handbag.

Create a body and strap

A qualified master – usually an Italian tradesman of extraordinary training – creates luxury bags of 5 episodes carved by leather cutters: back, sides, and infrastructure. They organize these sections in the bag and repair the sides to keep them in place while sleeping.

Even though it is a stronger fabric than the skin, textile or other material, they manually cut each piece. It is also important to sew the skin slowly because the masters collect more than 3 times the skin to make the handbag more durable. Maders will then cut the skin more than the creators. The formation of the belt depends on the handbag model. Managers usually cut 2 long leather materials. Craftsmen can also use a technique called Cork Sewing, which belongs to the seams of the bags with a mushroom. Experts soften for a more polite look and acorns oak on the sides. These oak acorn nodes will keep paper or a drawing to provide a guide for seams.

Creation of details

The equipment will add parts to the bags with high content – these are curls, legs, and lightning. Other accessories they believe are patterns, fabrics, and other concepts. For patterned models, craftsmen will cut pieces of fabric and squeeze their skin for stitches. Then they stick lightning and remove excess cables. More than a zipper and more mobile means more complex work.

The latest quality of luxury bags depends on the complexity of seams and parts.

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