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Manali Lahaul Tour – Everything you want to know

Manali and Lahaul are two of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. Located in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, these two places are a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those seeking peace and tranquility in the lap of nature. The Manali Lahaul tour is a popular tourist circuit that covers these two destinations and offers a complete package of natural beauty, adventure activities, and cultural experiences.

About Manali

Manali is a hill station that is known for its scenic beauty, adventure sports, and rich cultural heritage. It is located at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and gushing rivers. Manali is known for its picturesque landscapes, snow-clad peaks, ancient temples, and serene monasteries. It is also famous for adventure sports like trekking, skiing, paragliding, and river rafting.

Lahaul Valley

Lahaul, on the other hand, is a remote valley located at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. It is a land of high mountain passes, glacial streams, and barren landscapes. Lahaul is known for its stark beauty, unique culture, and traditional way of life. The valley is home to ancient monasteries, colorful festivals, and traditional handicrafts.

Getting on the trip

Getting to Manali and Lahaul is an adventure in itself. The journey to Manali is by road and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The closest airport is Bhuntar, which is about 50 km from Manali. The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, which is about 165 km from Manali. From Manali, one can drive to Lahaul via the Rohtang Pass. The Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass that connects Manali to Lahaul and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Manali and Lahaul is from April to October. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are lush and green. The monsoon season from July to September can make travel difficult due to landslides and road closures.

The Manali Lahaul tour usually starts from Manali, where tourists can explore the town and its surrounding areas. The town is known for its ancient temples like the Hadimba Temple, the Manu Temple, and the Vashisth Temple. The town also has several adventure sports centers that offer activities like trekking, skiing, paragliding, and river rafting.

Places to explore in Manali and Lahaul

From Manali, tourists can drive to the Rohtang Pass, which is located at an altitude of 3,978 meters above sea level. The pass offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and is a popular destination for adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding. From the Rohtang Pass, tourists can drive to Lahaul, which is located on the other side of the pass.

In Lahaul, tourists can explore the remote valleys and ancient monasteries. The valley is home to several Buddhist monasteries like the Key Monastery, the Shashur Monastery, and the Guru Ghantal Monastery. The valley is also known for its traditional handicrafts like carpets, shawls, and jewelry.

Activities to do on your trip

A trip from Manali to Lahaul is an adventure-packed journey that offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in outdoor activities and explore the natural beauty of the region. In Manali, you can go for trekking, camping, and paragliding at the Solang Valley or take a dip in the hot springs at Vashisht. On your way to Lahaul, you can visit Rohtang Pass, which is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding during winters. Once you reach Lahaul, you can explore the Lahaul Valley and visit the quaint villages, ancient monasteries, and scenic lakes. You can also go for trekking and mountaineering in the surrounding peaks or try your hand at river rafting and kayaking in the Chandra and Bhaga rivers. Overall, a trip from Manali to Lahaul promises to be an exciting and memorable experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.


The Manali Lahaul tour is a complete package of natural beauty, adventure activities, and cultural experiences. It offers tourists a chance to explore two of the most beautiful destinations in India and experience the rich culture and traditions of the Himalayan people. The tour is a must-do for anyone who loves nature and wants to experience the beauty and majesty of the Himalayas.

In conclusion, the journey to Manali Lahaul is an experience of a lifetime. The region’s natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventure opportunities make it a must-visit destination for any traveler. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a culture enthusiast, or a nature lover, Manali Lahaul is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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