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Top 5 solutions for you if your ps4 controller not connecting

Generic Solutions regarding ps4 controller not connecting

These troubleshooting procedures will help you resolve PS4 controller issues if your controller is not responding or keeps disconnecting.

1.      Restart your console

It’s possible that your PS4 is the source of the issue. But most controller difficulties are generally caused by the controller itself. You should restart your console to rule this out before continuing with the troubleshooting.

Hold the PS button to reveal the Quick Menu if your controller is functional enough to access menus. To restart your system, select the Power option and select Restart PS4. If your controller isn’t responding, try pressing and holding the PS4 power button until you hear two beeps. This will completely turn it off. Press the power button once more to turn it back on after it has been switched off (with no lights on the front). Your machine may have entered Rest Mode, which isn’t a complete shutdown, if you notice an orange light. After a restart, try using your controller once again. You can connect it with a USB cord if necessary to see if it helps.

ps4 controller not connecting

1.Reset the PS4 controller’s pairing

You may also use this second approach if your ps4 controller not connecting. You can access a menu by using a second PS4 controller (or a PS Move controller) if you have one. This then enables you to remove the problematic controller. Go to Settings, pick Devices, click Bluetooth Devices, and then choose the DualShock 4 item. That is the one that is not accompanied by a green light.

Choose Forget Device from the menu that appears by pressing the Settings button on your controller. Your PS4 will delete it from memory as a result, so you will need to pair it again. It is an excellent time to experiment with re-pairing your PS4 controller when it first turns on. Turn off your PS4 completely to accomplish this. Connect the faulty controller to your console using a USB cable after it has been powered down. In order to switch on and link your controller at the same time, press the PS button on the controller. If this doesn’t work, restart your PS4 and attempt pairing it using the standard method.

ps4 controller not connecting

2.Reset your PS4 controller firmly

Next, you may try the DualShock 4’s full reset process if removing and repainting the ps4 controller not connecting. To perform this, you’ll need a tiny pointed item, such as a bent paper clip or a SIM card ejection tool. Except for the need to link your controller once more, nothing on your PS4 will be reset by this. It is therefore a non-intrusive step in troubleshooting.

Flip your controller over after turning off your PS4 completely. By the L2 button, there is a little hole adjacent to the screw. It is on the right side of the controller when flipped over. Press the button into this hole with your pointed tool and keep it there for around five seconds. After doing this, reconnect your controller to your PS4 using a USB cord once more to check whether it successfully connects.

ps4 controller not connecting

3.Connect the PS4 controller elsewhere

If you have the same issues on a friend’s PS4, laptop, or smartphone, your controller is probably broken.

If at all feasible, try connecting a different PS4 controller to your system. A problem with your PS4’s wireless connectivity is likely to exist if you borrow a friend’s DualShock 4. And you know that your friend’s DualShock functions well. Then, you discover that it has problems with your system.

4. Switch to the controller’s wired mode

If your ps4 controller not connecting, you should try playing with it permanently attached through a USB cord. After this, instruct your PS4 to disable the wireless Bluetooth connection. Just bear in mind that only the updated PS4 controller model is compatible with this. If the light bar inside the touchpad on the front of your controller is visible, then you have this particular model. If not, your controller is outdated, and you can’t force wired connectivity.

Final note

You are not alone if you experience issues with your ps4 controller not connecting while you are playing. There are plenty of other users who have reported problems. Make sure the controller’s battery is charged first. While it seems easy, if your controller’s battery is almost dead, it could disconnect. To ensure you see the battery charging animation, plug your controller into your PS4 and visit the Quick Menu again. Try using your controller normally once it has had a chance to recharge. If the battery wasn’t the problem, check to see if you’re trying to use your PS4 controller too far away from your system. Bluetooth typically has a range of about 30 feet. Depending on your configuration, you might be able to extend the range of your controller. You can follow one of the above methods if your ps4 is not working.

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