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Ragdoll Physics Games Like Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels, which was created by Jim Bonacci, is illustrative of the fact that the most masochistic and addicting multiplatform games are sometimes those with the simplest overall concepts. You have the option of selecting one of a number of different characters, each of whom drives a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Your goal is to win the race or accomplish one of the game’s other seemingly benign tasks. Nevertheless, your path is blocked by spikes and a number of other potentially lethal hazards. Your head is severed, your body is crushed, and your limbs are severed all in one go if you make a move at the wrong time. Sadly, games like Happy Wheels serve to remind us that there is a part of us that takes pleasure in experiencing pain and suffering.

Do you require additional games to satiate your hunger for self-destruction? Here are some other ragdoll physics games like Happy Wheels that are just as certain to cause you a lot of pain while also providing you with a good chuckle.

Selection Criteria of Our List of Games Like Happy Wheels

  • Each game must feature ragdoll physics. 
  • There should be a fun balance between completing actual game objectives and over-the-top injuries and/or deaths. At times, the objective is to injure yourself!
  • Simple controls, hilariously unwieldy results.

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1. Crafty Mountain

Ragdoll Physics Games Like Happy Wheels Crafty Mountain

Crafty Mountain is a ragdoll video game that was clearly inspired by Happy Wheels but also features its own set of innovative gameplay mechanics. In this game, your ragdoll characters race down an endless mountain at lethal speeds, frequently suffering painful injuries and losing limbs along the way. Each colorful character, much like those in Happy Wheels, have their own unique qualities, which results in a wide variety of possible journeys. You may also use the resources you collect to enhance your carts, modify your look, and even build new monuments for the Monkey God-King. All of these options are dependent on the amount of resources you have collected. Watch out for those yeti archers! They are a vicious group of people! Gamers who are interested in playing further games similar to Happy Wheels will be pleased to learn that Crafty Mountain is not only free to play but also looks and feels quite professional.

2. Ragdoll Truck

Ragdoll Physics Games Like Happy Wheels Ragdoll Truck

Ragdoll Truck, much like Happy Wheels, is an engrossing game that requires you to strike a balance between reaching the destination and keeping your ragdoll characters alive. In compared to other games like Happy Wheels, the visual assault of the Flash game is far less intense. Yet, one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game is driving your ungainly army vehicle through bumpy terrain while attempting to prevent your dim-witted soldiers from tumbling out. In addition, there is a basic scoring mechanism that awards you points when you accomplish various maneuvering maneuvers as well as other fundamental goals. The ideal game to play on your alt-tab during work hours!

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3. Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion, much like its predecessors, gives players the opportunity to steer a variety of physics-based cars across gorgeously drawn courses while dodging challenging hazards. By utilizing the right analog stick, you will also have the ability to do a wide variety of cool freestyle feats. In comparison to Happy Wheels, Trials Fusion is not nearly as sexually explicit. On the other hand, the sight of your ragdoll driver flying fifty feet in the air after falling off his bike and landing on his head is hilarious and never gets old. The game isn’t scared to be even more ludicrous, and the official downloadable content (DLC) introduces a unicorn with a riding cat, among other wacky and highly configurable add-ons. This shows that the developers aren’t afraid to push the envelope. It is highly recommended that players who enjoy games like Happy Wheels, which feature a great deal of masochistic pleasure and difficulty, check this one out.

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4. The Last Trial 2

Ragdoll Physics Games Like Happy Wheels Last Trial 2

The Final Trial 2 is one of a select few ragdoll games, along the lines of Happy Wheels, that takes great pleasure in inflicting as much suffering on the player as possible. In point of fact, the entirety of the game consists on riding a bike, throwing oneself off of it, and causing as much bodily pain on oneself as possible for the purpose of accumulating bonus points. In the same vein as Happy Wheels, there is quite a bit of pleasure to be had with excessive amounts of blood spattering and spine-displacing violence. Make it a point to touch down on as many bombs as you can if you want to set new records for distance!

5. Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount is a weird physics ragdoll game that, like Happy Wheels, is about traveling from Point A to Point B with plenty of carnage and body dismemberment thrown in. The game was brought to the attention of the public by the YouTubers Pewdiepie Land Markiplier Retro Bowl, who helped to popularize the game. You are going to run into walls, be run over by oncoming cars, cause major traffic jams, and do whatever else that is in your power to cause the most amount of mayhem possible. The slow-motion replays give you the opportunity to relive some of the most terrifying parts of the game several times. A well-known game on Steam that is certain to pique the interest of players who enjoy games like Happy Wheels and other similar titles.

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