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The top 3 apps to share screens iphone

Methods to share screens iphone

Sharing your iPhone screen is possible in numerous ways. Here we will discuss three techniques for you to use to get the same results.

1.      FaceTime

Apple’s iOS 15 upgrade brings screen-sharing capabilities to FaceTime. The Share Play add-on allows users to view movies together while on a call and share their screens. Here’s how to use FaceTime to share screens iphone. 

  • Launch FaceTime on your iPhone.
  • Start a FaceTime call by tapping on “New FaceTime.”
  • Tap the Share Play button in the top-right corner as soon as the call is connected.
  • The callers in the other room can view your screen if you choose to “Share My Screen.”
  • Open a PPT file that you wish to share with the callers by navigating to it in the app or opening it. You may also play music in a group FaceTime call using Share Play.

If you have an iPhone with iOS 15 or later, you can share your screen. The option to share the screen on an iPhone won’t be available if your iOS version is older. To install the most recent iOS version on an iPhone, follow the procedures listed below.

  1. Open the iPhone’s settings.
  2. Activate the General menu.
  3. A software update will appear.
  4. The most recent OS version is available for download and installation.

Moreover, request that everyone on the FaceTime call update to iOS 15. This is due to the fact that they will only be able to see the shared screen if they are using the most recent iOS build.

Let’s discuss the drawbacks of share screens iphone with FaceTime.   Anyone joining a FaceTime chat through an Android phone or a Windows laptop won’t be able to view your shared screen. However, the fact is that Apple has made FaceTime available on both platforms.

In other words, this choice is only appropriate if everyone in the conversation is using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It would be advisable to use Telegram or Google Meet for cross-platform capability.

  1. Google Meet

Google Meet is built into the iPhone, Android, and web platforms. You may share screens iphone¬†with others quickly using Google Meet on an iPhone. Despite FaceTime’s 32-member restriction, you may connect with up to 100 users at once using the Google Meet call.

  • Download the Google Meet app from the App Store.
  • Launch Google Meet and select the top-right New Meeting option.
  • Invite people to the meeting by sending them the link, then wait for them to dial in.
  • Choose the Share screen from the three-dot menu by tapping on the active Google Meet call screen.
  • The Screen Broadcast option will appear on iOS. Choose Meet, then choose Start Broadcast from the menu.
  • Everyone on the Google Meet call will be able to view your screen after a 3-second countdown.
  • You may always touch the Stop sharing button in Google Meet on your iPhone to end screen sharing.
share screens iphone

2.    Telegram

On the iPhone, there are a lot of IM applications with screen-sharing capabilities. We have chosen Telegram among them for a faultless screen-sharing experience. Here’s how to share your iPhone screen during a video conversation on Telegram.

  • Go to a chat in Telegram once it is open.
  • Once the video call has been established, turn off the camera toggle.
  • While a user is on a call, the app will prompt you to choose a different screen.
  • Slide to Phone Screen and press the Proceed button at the bottom.
  • To begin screen sharing with others, iOS will display the recognizable Screen Broadcast menu.
share screens iphone

Benefits of sharing your phone’s screen

Screen sharing can have three major advantages in a corporate context:

Encouraging more effective remote work

Being unable to view a coworker’s screen when working remotely might occasionally reduce productivity. Your team may enjoy a shared screen without physically being in the same room, thanks to share screens iphone.

More precision in technical assistance and training

It is ineffective to try to explain a visual process in words. Teaching and troubleshooting are significantly easier to manage when you have the ability to share your screen.

Wrapping up

For other Apple users, FaceTime functioned well. But Telegram and Google Meet are more suitable for Android and PC users. An obtrusive technique to maintain your privacy is to share screens iphone. On the large screen, sharing material with others is simple without handing over your phone. It is unethical to share PowerPoint slides with management using a mobile device. Use a third-party app to connect your phone to a TV in the conference room of your office. Display the slides to get the best results. Screen sharing in mobile games increases gaming excitement and enjoyment. The additional controls are also provided to help you play your best with your squad.

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