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SnapChat Plus

Within the Snapchat smartphone app, there is a paid subscription service called Snapchat+. It makes new features available before anyone else can take advantage of them. These capabilities, which Snap defined as “exclusive, experimental, and pre-release,” will “improve and personalize your Snapchat experien. Enabling you to go deeper into the aspects of the app you use the most,” According to a support website for Snapchat+.

Snapchat+, Snap’s paid subscription program, has already seen some success. Since introducing Snapchat Plus in late June 2022, the business declared in August 2022 that it has accrued one million premium users.

What is the price of Snapchat Plus?

SnapPlus can be purchased in the US for $3.99 USD per month. And $21.99 USD for six months or $39.99 USD annually.

What features are included in Snapchat+?

The following features are available to Snapchat+ users as of August 2022:

Ghost Trails on the Map

One of these services, “Ghost Trails,” enables customers to View the Snap Map travels of their frands during the previous 24 hours. Only friends who share their location with the subscriber and are in an area where Snapchat+ is available will see these ghost trails….

Best friends forever (Pin as No. 1 Best Friend)

You can designate your BFF as your #1 Best Friend using Best Friends Forever as a Snapchat+ subscription. This pin can only be seen by you!

Story rewatch indicator

 You’ll see the emoji beneath Stories that one or more friends have rewatched. If you have a Snapchat+ subscription (as long as the story has more than one view). When you upload Snaps to My Story,Private Stories, or Shared Stories, you may see how many friends have viewed them.

Custom app icons and themes

my Snapchat+ customers must launch the app and touch their Bitmoji in the top left Corner of the home screen to access their Profile in order to modify the app icon.

 Snapchat+ Badge

Snapchat customers who sign up for Snapchat+ will have the possibility of showing others Snapchat users that they are part of the group by putting”Snapchat+” badge “Snapchat+ badge” to their profile in the Snapchat application and it can be seen prominently along with the name of their profile.


c It can also be helpful to check how you compare to your app pals.

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