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Stonk O Tracker: Keep an eye on Stocks You Want to Buy Or Sell

What is Stonk-O-Tracker?

Unknown developer who claims to be “just like the stocks” developed the website known as Stonk-O-Tracker to offer current information on the most popular equities in the market. Despite appearing to be a bewildering array of numbers and letters, it can be a one-stop shop for crucial stock information. The current short positions are the main focus, although it also includes daily options data and numerous corporate statistics. So-called “meme-stock” investors have paid a lot of attention to it on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. One of them termed the tracker “an entertaining website, made for apes by monkeys.”

To find equities you want to purchase or sell, use a Stonk O Tracker. You can examine a stock’s market cap, short interest, and the number of ITM calls with this website. You can use this to decide when a stock is the best to buy or sell, you can also check a company’s market capitalization and the number of shares that are available for borrowing using the Stonk O Tracker.

Calculate Short interest by Stonk-O-Tracker

This website tells about stock’s short interest in a number of different ways. One such tool is Stonk O Tracker. Stonk O Tracker provides you updates on the most recent stock data. It first appears to be a jumble of puzzling letters and digits. You can receive a complete picture of all the important information about any particular organization, though, if you know where to search. AMC, GME, and GameStop are a few of the most well-liked stocks available on this website. Due to the site’s prominence, novice investors frequently discussed their discoveries there. The dealers borrow stocks from brokers, watch for a drop in price, and then turn a profit by selling the stocks back to brokers.

AMC Entertainment

There is a significant stock call on AMC Entertainment stock. The company’s short interest is currently close to 19%, with fresh short positions being created every day. For the company to achieve another significant run-up in share price, it will need to get some momentum. In the absence of momentum, the shorts will probably incur losses by 2022.

A range of information about short interest is available from the Stonk O Tracker AMCC short interest. Its data comes from several partners. According to how frequently the data is updated, daily updates are the fastest, and intraday updates are the slowest. FINRA reports short interest twice a month. Both traders and investors can benefit from this information. Data from the NYSE is not self-reported, so it may differ from data of other websites.

Calls ITM

How many of the call options on the stock are currently in the money, can be a useful information when buying and selling stock options. Investors who think the stock will appreciate in value will buy call options. These options will be worth more if they expire in the money than the sum paid for them. If a call option is expiring in the money, Stonk O Tracker can monitor these values and alert you.

Market cap

The price of AMC shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which is the biggest stock exchange in Europe, is displayed on this stock market tracker. Additionally, it displays how many shares are available for loan to short sellers. Short sellers obtain shares on loan from brokers, watch for a decline in price, and then resell the shares to the broker for a profit.

Shares Available to borrow

Stock O Tracker compiles stock data from many sources. In this instance, GameStop and AMC Entertainment are the main subjects. Along with the volume of trade for both firms, it displays the most current stock price. Analyzing short sale limits is made easy with the Stonk O Tracker. It displays the number of shares that are available for borrowing on an Interactive Brokers exchange as well as the number of ETF shares that are currently owed.

Short position

The program keeps track of the restrictions on short sales as well as the number of ETF shares that are available for loan. For its information, the website leverages data from Interactive Brokers. Along with fail-to-deliver data, it also shows the daily total volume of short sales. Additionally, it provides details on daily share purchases and sales. Any investor interested in shorting stocks must have access to constantly updated data.

Wrapping Up!

If you’re new to stock trading, it is crucial that you understand how a service like this operates. This website offers real-time updates of popular stocks like AMC and GME options – two of the most sought after assets on its platform. The website also allows you to keep tabs on the trend of the stock. You should monitor market trends and statistics whether you are a seasoned investor or are just taking a start.

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