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Tales Of Symphonia Remastered: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Check out what weapons you should bring to battle in Tales Of Symphonia!

It’s easy to feel confused by all the choices RPGs give you, especially on the Gamecube. Some people find it scary to have almost complete control over how their character’s gear and skills are set up. Even though there are a lot of weapons to choose from, Tales of Symphonia Remastered doesn’t make it hard to use them.

Since the weapon stats as a whole aren’t too complicated, it’s easy to figure out which weapons are the best for each character, even if none of them are all that well-known. There may even be a few weapons that, depending on how you play, can be just as powerful as another.

Raine – Crystal Rod

Raine, the white mage in the group, has a Crystal Rod that has 640 attack. This is the best normal weapon she can use. It is a big step up from most of the other weapons she can use, but it can be hard to get her hands on it.

You can only get the weapon if you can beat Raine in the hard Meltokio Coliseum. If you can make it through the advanced class with her, you’ll get the rod and be ready for any challenges at the end of the game.

Genis – One World

Getting Genis‘ best weapon might not be fun for people who don’t like minigames that break up the main game. One World, a kendama, is the mage’s best normal weapon. It has an attack value of 680 and an intelligence bonus of 12.

You’ll have to play the Red Light, Green Light minigame on the Grand Tethe’alla Bridge if you want to get the weapon. The weapon is a prize for winning, but you might have to work hard to get it.

Kratos/Zelos – Crystal Dagger

The Crystal Dagger is the best dagger in the game. It has an attack value of 750 and an accuracy value of 30 on top of that. It does more damage to beasts, like many other daggers in the game, but it also heals a little bit of your TP every few seconds.

The weapon is not hard to get, but you have to wait a long time before you can use it. You can find it in Torent Forest near the end of the game, when Lloyd faces off against his father Kratos in a fatal showdown.

Sheena – Divine Judgement

Divine Judgement is Sheena’s best normal weapon with a base attack of 810. If you want to get the weapon, you will have to put a lot of work into leveling up the summoner and getting to know all of her abilities.

For some weapons, you have to fight your way through Meltokio’s Coliseum. Divine Judgement is one of those weapons. If you can get through the hard task, you’ll have a great weapon for the group’s summoner. Just know that it will take a lot of tries to get this weapon.

Colette – Angel Halo

Compared to the other characters who have to go into the Meltokio Coliseum to get a weapon, the angel Colette might be the one you have the easiest time with. If you do well enough in her advanced class, she will give you her Angel Halo.

The base strength of the weapon is 850, making it by far Colette’s best normal weapon. It will take some practice to get the weapon, but Colette’s many skills should help you get it after just a few tries.

Regal – Dynast

Regal may not be the most exciting character to bring into every battle, but he has some of the most powerful attacks in the game, and his powerful leg guard Dynast helps make that true. When you get the beast of a weapon back, it has a base attack of 920.

Regal has to be level 80 before you can get the weapon. Once that’s done, you’ll have to follow a set of steps for a few conversations with a man in prison and another at a hot spring, but getting the weapon is easy otherwise.

Kratos/Zelos – Last Fencer

You’ll have to face a tough challenge to get the best sword that Zelos and Kratos can use. When Zelos goes up against his sister Seles in the Coliseum, he is a pretty strong character to use.

The base attack of the sword Last Fencer is 920, and it is very good against people. You have to finish most of the game before you can get the sword, but it’s worth it for the final challenges because it makes a character like Zelos even stronger.

Lloyd – Kusanagi Blade/Valkyrie Saber

Lloyd’s best weapon is a tie between the dual-wielded Kusanagi Blades, which he got for beating the Sword Dancer for the third time, and the Valkyrie Saber, which he got for beating the advanced class in the Meltokio Coliseum.

The Kusanagi Blades have 930 attack for slashing and 850 attack for thrusting, but the Valkyrie Sabers switch those numbers. In the end, which swords are better will depend mostly on how you like to attack. Lloyd has so many different ways to attack that just about any weapon works well against him.

Presea – Gaia Cleaver

The Gaia Cleaver, which does a lot of damage, is Presea’s best weapon. It has 999 attack, which makes it the strongest base weapon in Slope Game. Presea doesn’t have a lot of options on the field, but the amount of damage she can do makes up for it.

To get the weapon, you have to raise Presea’s level to at least 80 and then talk to Ozette about something special. If you got her to level 80 before taking on the final challenges, the Gaia Cleaver will definitely help you get through them.

The Devil’s Arms

The Devil’s Arms are a set of weapons you can get at the end of the game if you beat the game’s hardest challenge. You’ll get a very powerful weapon as a reward, but only if you beat the boss, Abyssion. Once it’s done, the weapon will get stronger the more monsters it kills.

Because you get the weapons after you’ve done everything else, they lose a lot of their appeal as powerful tools. Depending on the characters you use, some of the weapons can even be quite weak. Getting them all and using their power is fun for people who like to finish things, but people who just want to play the game might not want to do all the work it takes.

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