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UI/UX Design Rules for Custom Calculator Tools

A calculator is an educational item whose presence has made most human lives extremely convenient. From Maths classes to Accounts, a calculator has been a constant need. Today, you will also come across calculators in every other place – phones, laptops, notepads, almost everywhere. Since the demand for calculators is on the rise among diverse industries, more and more organizations are escalating their development process to inculcate calculators in their operations. But, most of these organizations are falling behind in terms of creation due to faulty UI/UX design. 

When it comes to designing, there are numerous tactics one needs to be aware of, especially when curating custom calculator tools. 

But First, How Can a Calculator Benefit Your Business? 

Having a calculator in your product offering is a beneficial way to showcase your individuality. It will lend the users a glimpse into your illustrated product. Take for instance a student loan, the student will be able to seamlessly calculate their remaining loan through the use of the calculator. Or, consider, for example, a working person will be able to calculate the total amount of savings they need to make before retiring. 

Having a calculator is particularly useful for the following reasons:

  1. Amplify your Lead Generation

Having a UI UX design services company design a calculator will immensely help in lead generation purposes. But, how? As the users put down their fundamental information for accessing the calculator or retrieving their answers, it can automatically be used as leads for securing revenue for the company. 

  1. Thoughtful Advertisement of your Brand

Few things can beat a perfectly designed app or website showcasing productive elements, and a calculator is certainly one of them. It is of utmost importance to stand out in today’s competitive market, and if you have a robust calculator boasting perfect UI UX designs, your targetted audience is ought to get hooked. With the help of a perfectly designed calculator fitted with flawless ergonomics. Your users are ought to turn to you for valuable resources. Eventually, your brand name will gain prominence. 

  1.  Adding Value for Existing Users

As you are planning to include a calculator, you are also making way for attending to your existing audience. Having a calculator created by reputed UI UX design and development services will not only be attracting new users but also help the existing users value your brand. They will find newness in the brand and that will also increase positive word-of-mouth. 

From helping with investments or offering homeowners sanity of mind by drawing a clear picture of how they would be able to buy a house with their prevalent salaries, a calculator is undoubtedly a phenomenal element to keep in your app or site. 

UI UX Design Rules For the Creation of Calculator Tools

There are certain precise UI UX rules to consider when it comes to designing a calculator. Only having the perfect-looking calculator will not work, it should perform most productively. Furthermore, it should also be user-friendly, since not every newcomer is well accustomed to the usage. 

  1. Firstly, Engage in a Rigorous Competitive Study

You might have had some thoughts or imaginations regarding the design of the calculator. Some numerous sites and apps have already excelled by offering the public impeccable calculators. One of the foremost factors to consider before confirming the design is checking out the digital calculators available around, how they are functioning, and what responses they are receiving. The modern-day digital calculator is quite different in terms of concepts, and only competent UI UX design services can offer the same. 

  1. Incorporate Attainable Standards

Your UI UX design should be something that comprises uniformity. Every user should enjoy a similar experience, regardless of their capacities. This means, your focus should not only be on adjusting the font sizes but also on concentrating on color sensitivity, contrasts, and also tabular typefaces that lead the decimal points to link up. 

  1. Don’t Opt For Extremely Distinct Designs

Standing out is great, but there should be some presence of familiarity. This is because the majority of the audience prefers choosing a product or service they are already familiar with. Not everyone likes coming out of their comfort zones, right? The best way to deal with this is, to put yourself in the user’s shoes and offer only the required amount of creativity. For instance, keeping the range of ‘7-8-9’ on the top of the numeric pad accompanied by the numerical signs on the right side, and the ‘=’ on the lower right. 

  1. Simplicity, and Enough Simplicity

 The lesser the complexity level, the better it will be for the audience to understand. Hire web developers who are acquainted with creating effortless appearances through which the audience can conveniently acquire valuable information. For instance, pie charts, flow charts, and graphs are just some ways through which users can readily take up details without having to invest much attention. Side-by-side comparisons, refraining from the usage of jargon, and offering obvious input fields, are just some the examples of simplified design. 

  1. Never Design Calculators Solely for Desktops

It is a pretty bad move if you have decided to design your calculator solely for desktop users. A huge percentage of people use mobiles and tablets regularly, and your calculator’s design should align with these gadgets as well. Refrain from providing complex data or outputs results that can only be accessed on the desktop, it needs to be equally consumable on mobile. 

  1. Feel Free to Incorporate Enhanced Features

Alluring charts, graphs, and all those data visualization elements are perfect ways to glam up your calculator. There are distinct ways to enable your user to assess data from diverse angles that will also offer them a proper understanding of what they are learning. 

Having a calculator in your product is unquestionably a beneficial way of reaching out to both new and existing audiences. All you are required to do is get hold of the perfect UI UX designing company like Zazz that will thoroughly understand your need and accordingly create the element. 

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