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Unknown facts that everyone should know about mediatakeout

A blog-style gossip website called mediatakeout (MTO) focuses primarily on entertainment and celebrity news regarding African Americans and celebrities. A website called MTO focuses exclusively on celebrity rumors and news. The website mostly caters to African-American celebrities, and the home page itself features numerous headlines and comments about celebrities.

The proprietor and creator of the urban rumors website “MTO” are Fred Mwanguguhanga. He created the website in 2006, and after it gained popularity, it began to get millions of visitors per day. The MTO is currently a multi-million dollar company with 14 million page visits every day. Mwanguguhanga reportedly invested less than $600 to launch this website, and today he is reportedly making millions.

The history of MTO (

It seems that the history of media takeaway is pretty fascinating. Initially starting an online laundromat, Fred Mwanguguhanga gradually transitioned into the online advertising market. Soon after, he decided to leave the laundry industry and transition to blogging. He started MTO, a website entirely devoted to celebrity rumors and news.

A few months later, this website went viral. This website is currently among the top 20,000 websites worldwide, according to Alexa. Millions of users visit the platform each month. Additionally, you will learn from their sources and interviews about some of the most significant urban celebrity stories.

Successful mediatakeout strategies

Mediatakeout’s readers and high brand equity were its main priorities. Mwanguguhanga adopted the strategy of digital companies like Twitter and Facebook. The strategy puts more emphasis on readership growth than immediate monetization. Moreover, the best element for media takeout is its tremendous brand equity. It made it possible for the website to command high advertising rates and draw notable sources for news articles.

For websites like mediatakeout to grow their following, credible sources for enlightening content are essential. Thus, after six months of diligent labor, the site gained popularity all around the world.

Like most media and news organizations, MTO makes money from advertisements. When we compare it to other news websites and channels, the website’s content is quite distinctive. This website provides audience-relevant breaking news. Furthermore, even those who have not visited the website are aware of its existence and its main features.

Unknown information about MTO

This website employs such eye-catching headers that they immediately draw the attention of others. Let’s now talk about some of the most important information that you should be aware of.

They create original content

The future objectives of mediatakeout include expanding its material into radio and television. It already began when they produced a genuine dating program that is broadcast from the website’s home page.

Facebook is the primary traffic source for the website

Yes, the popularity of social media sites like Facebook has become the main source of visitors to the website. Since they joined Facebook, there has been a gradual increase in traffic.

They angered Kanye West.

MTO and Kanye West developed a strong friendship a few years ago, but it didn’t endure. The media poorly receive the West performances at Madison Square Garden. Their connection has deteriorated since then.

They have unveiled a lot of major stories

MTO did not just report what other people were talking about; they also broke several high-profile stories. Although people think that more stories might have been revealed, the team chose to remain silent.

They have a history of using sensational captions

The mediatakeout headlines entice viewers to click on the website’s articles. Therefore, it appears that the headlines are more captivating than the actual event.

Insiders tell most of the stories

MTO presents the majority of insider stories (about celebrities with whom they are close). The personnel who work for celebrities are the source of the news.

The most popular urban website worldwide is MTO

Today, the website receives more traffic than any other urban website on the planet. There are sources, nonetheless, that support this.

It’s written in blog format

The website was firstly a blog website, and all of the news is still in standard blog format. The writing is a single post with a generally informal tone.

The Final Conclusion

Fred Mwanguguhanga launched mediatakeout and gained worldwide prominence after starting his career as a lawyer. Additionally, he declared that he wouldn’t return to his legal job even if he ceased operating his website, MTO.

The whole set of data on the MTO website shows how many subscribers they have. It is one of the most popular websites for marketers and has a high volume of visitors. Despite their success, the founder and other staff members are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to create excellent content. He exhorts us to give everything we do our absolute best effort in order to maximize its potential.

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