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What are the two best and easiest ways to do hair tinsel at home?

Hair tinsel are individual strands of glistening thread. It gives your hair a brilliant, dimensional appearance, and you can temporarily attach tinsel. They are often known as “fairy hair” on TikTok. It is similar to hair extensions. It is available in a wide variety of colours and is the ideal stylish solution for every situation. When used properly, this tinsel does not harm your strands, unlike hair coloring, and it is just temporary. It is ideal for a moment if you’re looking for a fun method to update your look. You can also use this tinsel to improve your Halloween costume. Whether you like it or not, celebrities are boldly pinning shimmering tinsel to their hair, and it looks great. It not only gives sparkling hair a whole new meaning, but it also exudes a whimsical element that other hair trends lack. Furthermore, since it’s only temporary, you don’t have to bleach or dye your hair to try it. If you want to try tinsel, there’s no need to schedule an expensive salon appointment. You can easily accomplish it at home.

Method to tie a slip knot for hair tinsel

The split-knot approach is the ideal quick fix if you want to temporarily rock hair tinsel. You can achieve the look with just a little bit of focus and tinsel. Here are the steps we took:

Comb your hair, then clip the top section up

To begin, detangle any tangles in your hair by combing it. As a result, placing the tinsel will be simple. You should grab an inch-wide chunk of hair on either side of your part and clip it up. It depends on where you parted your hair. By doing this, you can ensure that the tinsel blends in with the rest of your hair. The knot will be noticeable and will not blend in with the rest of your hair. This happens if you add tinsel to the top area of your hair.

Use the tinsel to tie a slip knot

Fold the tinsel you are using in half. Even if you have long hair, this should work because the tinsel is usually quite long. Make a slip knot at the top loop, where your tinsel is folded in half. Then, leave enough room for you to draw hair through it.

Take a small section of hair and divide it

Next, take an eighth-inch-long portion of hair, which we define as tiny. It’s ideal to use a small length of hair. This is because the next step involves tying a knot to fasten the tinsel to your hair. It will fall out rather rapidly and might even feel uncomfortable if the part is too large.

Use a double knot to hold the tinsel and your hair in place

Take in one hand the little bit of hair you just noticed. With your other hand, take hold of your tinsel by the slip knot. As you approach the scalp, tighten the loop by pulling the hair part through the slip knot’s opening. Double-knot the two at the roots of the little portion of hair and the tinsel to secure the hair tinsel. Then, carefully cut the tinsel to fit the length of your hair to complete the effect. Repeat the procedure until you achieve the style you desire.

Steps to apply tinsel with microbeads

The slip knot method is not the only way to put tinsel. With microbeads, you may fix it. Getting an appearance that lasts for a longer period of time is much simpler this way. To attach the tinsel to your hair, a microbead is positioned close to the roots. It is much like how beaded extensions work. You will need pliers, a hook, and a bag of microbeads, which are typically included with hair tinsel. Here are the steps we took:

After brushing your hair, clip up the top section

The first step is brushing your hair, because tangles will make this process a little more challenging. Your hair must also be dry for it to be easier to pull through the bead. Depending on how you portion your hair, divide it into sections of one inch each and clip the hair up. You need to conceal the microbeads that hold the tinsel to your hair, so this step is particularly crucial. The microbeads will be quite obvious if you apply the tinsel to the upper section of your hair.

Attach the tinsel to your hair

Take the tinsel. Then, fasten it directly above your part with a flat clip once you have divided the top piece of hair.

Pull the hair and tinsel through the microbead using the hook

Grab a tiny segment of hair beneath the spot where the tinsel was clipped. Then use the included hook to fish the tinsel and hair through the microbead.

Secure the little bead

Pull the bead up to your scalp after fishing your hair and hair tinsel through the bead. After this, use the pliers to clamp it and secure the tinsel. Repeat the procedure as necessary to get the desired amount of tinsel. Then gently cut the extra tinsel to make it the same length as your hair.

Wrapping Up

After you’ve put hair tinsel, you can wash your hair as usual because it’s rather simple to maintain. Heat styling is the one area in which you should use caution. The majority of tinsel can withstand some heat, but you don’t want to use too much heat. The slip knot technique extends the life of tinsel by a few weeks. The tinsel will eventually fall out on its own when the knots become loose. The microbead-attached tinsel could persist for a month or so. You may quickly speed up the procedure by carefully loosening the bead with the pliers that came with your tinsel kit.

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