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What is the Best Treatment for Gynecomastia, and 10 Benefits of Male Breast Reduction?

Gynecomastia is a condition that is commonly foundin men and boys. This disorder is associated with the enlargement of the glandular tissue present in men that leads to nipple tenderness or discomfort.

The condition takes place because of hormonal imbalance and occurs during infancy, older age, and adolescence. The enlargement also takes placedue to fat deposits in men who are overweight.

Gynecomastia usually fades away without treatment, but if the condition becomes pretty severe, there are several Gynecomastia Treatment options available. If the condition persists due to an underlying health issue, the treatment provided for that health problem will simultaneously improve Gynecomastia as well.

The Best Treatment for Gynecomastia

The treatment for Gynecomastia depends heavily on the severity, duration, and cause, and whether or not it causes discomfort or pain.

But according to the doctors from Max Healthcare Group, the best type of treatment for Gynecomastia is surgery.

Several medications, such as “raloxifene” and “tamoxifen,” are highly effective in treating Gynecomastia in men for several months. But these medications might not work in those men who do not have tender breast tissues, or they had the condition for over a year.

So, for these men, surgery becomes the only option through which they can lessen the size of their breasts. For boys who did not reach puberty, surgery is not required.

It’s mainly because there is a high chance of the breast tissue regrowing after the surgery is conducted right before the boys reach puberty. The extent of the surgery will depend on how severe the breast enlargement is, and whether or not there is any extra fatty tissue present.

How Beneficial is the Male Breast Reduction?

Opting for an effective Gynecomastia Treatment to reducethe breast will benefit you in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

It can improve self-esteem and confidence

Men who suffer from Gynecomastia are also said to suffer greatly from depression and anxiety. It’s mainly because of their poor body image. However, the breast reduction procedure can easily improve their self-esteem and increase their level of confidence.

Provide men with a masculine figure

The breast reduction procedure consists of liposuction of the flanks that will help men get a masculine appearance. After the treatment, you can start pursuing activities like swimming and rowing to build up the back muscles effectively.

Becomes easy to maintain the weight

Men who suffer from Gynecomastia find it difficult to maintain their weight. It’s due to the extra glandular tissue and adipose. But with the breast reduction procedure, you will get the chance to properly maintain your weight by engaging yourself in various activities.

Alleviates the back pain

Males with Gynecomastia will experience severe chronic pain in their backs. When you have a large chest but no proper back muscle to support it, your upper back can become disfigured.

To prevent such a situation from happening, the breast reduction procedure is a great choice. It will provide you with a smaller chest so that you can stand tall and straight, and also feel more confident about yourself. Furthermore, you can get relief from back pain after strengthening your upper back muscles and core with time.

Frees up the mind

Gynecomastia that is treated through the male breast reduction process will help liberate your mind from thinking negatively about yourself. This can help you think about all the important things and keep your focus on matters that need more attention. That way, you can reach all your objectives easily.

Breast reduction is ideal for nearly anyone

Obesity is considered a major health risk. It can tamper with your health and deteriorate it. Hence, before you opt for a breast reduction procedure, consider losing some weight to make the process more easier and streamlined.  Moreover, if your breasts appear bigger due to excess fat, you can opt for liposuction instead of a breast reduction procedure.

The treatment might not be right for men who drink, smoke and take anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, if you abstain from such things and are in good health, you can then opt for the breast reduction procedure.

It’s a quick procedure

The breast reduction method takes between 90 minutes to 120 minutes to complete. As it is conducted under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, one will not experience any discomfort or pain during the procedure.

You will recover quickly

Once the procedure ends, it will take around 72 hours for you to recover. During the recovery stage, you must take analgesics or painkillers to prevent any type of discomfort. Also, for 2 to 3 weeks, you must wear compressed clothing so that it will speed up the recovery process.

The outcome is long-lasting

The breast reduction procedure will provide lasting results in men suffering from Gynecomastia. It’s because when the fat cells get removed from the chest, the chances of them regenerating again becomes less. There are four ways you can make sure that the procedure offers a permanent outcome. These are:

  • Diagnose and treat Gynecomastia
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Do not smoke or drink
  • Don’t take anabolic steroids, if they are not prescribed by the doctor

There will be unlimited wardrobe options

OnceGynecomastia gets completely treated through a breast reduction procedure, you can start wearing tight-fitted, baggy, and even form-fitting clothes without any worries. You can experiment with your clothing as you like, which can help you feel more comfortable or attractive.

Last Note

Gynecomastia is a condition in men where the breasts become enlarged. Even though it’s not a risky condition, you can surely get rid of the excess glandular tissue through the breast reduction procedure. That way, you will see an increase in your confidence level, free up your mind, and get lasting results.

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